Basics of Tai Chi

Level 1

Basic Exercises

An introduction to the core health exercises of Tai Chi - improve balance, flexibility and core strength. Simple and gentle exercises that are also an introduction to the principles used in the Tai Chi form itself.

Your Lesson Plan

In this course module you will find:


Walking Meditation

A simple but powerful walking meditation, which also introduces important ideas about how the body moves, and how the mind interfeers.


Basic Exercises

Six exercises that together improve balance, flexibilty and core strength. An important introduction to the core principles of Tai Chi, with a pinch of energy work (Qigong) baked in.


Celestial Tiger

A relaxation and breathing exercise with a focus on energy flow and connecting to the Heaven and Earth.


Follow-along warm-up session

Follow along as I lead you through the whole warm-up session, calling out the breathing and the moves, so that you can follow along and learn the moves gradually.

Hi, I am Christopher Nelson

Tai Chi Teacher

I fell in love with Tai Chi when I was 15 years old. It has sustained me for all these years. No matter what martial art I dabbled in, I always returned to Tai Chi because it taught me not just to have a body, but to BE a body, moving through space and time. Tai Chi transforms the body into an instrument of peace, of joy, of spiritual transcendense, of comfort, of strength.

My greatest pleasure is in sharing my love for this wonderful art and seeing my students discover a whole new way of being.



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